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The Company was incorporated on 22.02.1995 as a Public Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1956 with its Registered Office in Mumbai. The Company had shifted its Registered Office to Ahmedabad, Gujarat as per Company Law Board order dated 08.11.1995 and subsequently the Gujarat ROC has issued Certificate of Registration of Company Law Board order on 10.11.1995. The Company is currently listed at Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Limited.

The Company was promoted by Shri Bipin B Kuray, Shri Shankar K Mudaliar and Shri Samir P Dave.

The Company is currently engaged in the business of Import, Export and investing in shares, properties, bonds and other securities and financing industrial enterprises in India. At present the Company is doing the business of investment in shares and securities and to finance the industrial enterprises in India. Looking to the vast potential of industrial development in the country there exists very good opportunity for making good and productive investments in the country.

The Company does not have any subsidiaries.
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Welcon International Limited
(Formerly Known as Sinner Energy India Ltd)